After the courts designated boundaries for five St. Charles County school districts, eliminating many elementary and secondary districts in the county at that time, Fort Zumwalt School District was created. It was believed at that time that the Highway P corridor would be the fastest-growing area in O'Fallon and St. Peters.

Mount Hope was named for a one room school house that had been built around 1838, and was located on Highway P west of our current location. Originally named "West Liberty School", it had been located adjacent to a church named Mount Hope. Most of the original students were also members of Mount Hope Church, and soon the school came to be known as Mount Hope School. 

It therefore seemed appropriate to name the new school in honor of the one room school which had served the community so well for more than one hundred years. The original one room building formerly known as Mount Hope School has been donated to the Daniel Boone Historic Site in Defiance, Missouri so our community might enjoy its historic significance.

The first phase of the current building was finished in 1968. At that time it included the office area and the main hall of ten classrooms. By 1975 the teacher work room, gymnasium and kitchen were completed, and by the 1978-79 school year the kindergarten wing had been completed and was in use. This kindergarten section had been necessitated by the state mandate requiring kindergarten classes be available to district patrons. In 1992, yet another addition was completed, to address the needs for a music room, art room, library, and storage space for the gymnasium and kitchen. In 1995, an addition of seven classrooms, a special education facility, and more student restroom facilities were completed, freeing up yet more classroom space that had been used for other purposes. This also allowed us to remove four mobile classrooms located directly behind the building. For the 2000-2001 school year we opened five additional classrooms, bathrooms, special education classrooms, and additional art, music and multi-purpose rooms. These improvements allowed for the removal of two more mobile classes. We opened the 2007-2008 school year with renovations to our office, teacher workroom, kindergarten classes, and a kitchen addition. Each addition has met a need at Mount Hope Elementary, as our attendance area continues to grow in population.