Transportation Change Procedure

In the morning while you are dropping off your child in the car rider lane, please stay single file, there will be a stop sign while students are unloading the car in the empty lane. No cars will be permitted to get out of line to pass the rest of the cars. Additional staff will unload 8 cars along the sidewalk from the front doors to the kindergarten doors and then move the 8 cars forward and repeat the process. This process should expedite the line, create a secure crosswalk for pedestrians and create a speedy and safe process.

In the afternoon we will follow a similar procedure of loading and dismissing cars. There will be additional staff outside to aid in matching car number tags for the students and the cars. The staff will match up the car number with the student’s number, load the student in the car and keep the students tags. The tags will be returned to the classroom teacher’s mailbox each day for use the next day. We will load 8 cars with kids and dismiss eight cars then start again, load eight cars, etc. Again no getting out of line when your child is loaded into your car, we will dismiss a line of cars to exit and then begin loading the next set of cars.

Please note that there is no parking in the yellow lines in front of the building. That space is reserved for emergency vehicles and you will be asked to move if you park there.